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How to make the perfect salad

As is often the case in life, when it comes to whipping up the perfect salad, it’s all about balance. What makes the difference between a blah salad and a wow salad is the builup and balance of tastes, colours and textures. That’s good, because at Surette Condiments, we are flavour builders! Here are our five tips for a salad that will steal the show at your table.


A variety of textures

As the great Josée di Stasio would say, it takes “crunch” in a salad. Even if your lettuce leaves are quite firm, another crunchy element will add even more palate pleasure and help make your salad a more complete dish. Think of toasted nuts and bread croutons, but also a more unusual salted granola. We give you our recipe right here. Also vary the textures of your creations by mixing different varieties of lettuce and opting for different cuts of vegetables (slices, julienne, ribbons, etc.). And don’t forget that all raw, blanched or grilled vegetables make excellent salads. 

Lots and lots of fresh herbs

Herbs bring freshness and flavour to your salads. We are often quite shy when it’s time to assess the number of herbs to add to our dishes, but we should not hesitate to add them generously. It’s not ointment! Plus, feel free to mix multiple herb varieties to create an explosion of flavour. Basil, mint, dill: mix everything and, above all, add the finely chopped stems, because they are full of flavour and also add “crunch”. 


A good pinch of salt
Salt is a flavour enhancer. Once again, don’t be afraid to pay for it. A cook friend once told us: “When you think there is enough, add a pinch!” It’s important to salt the vinaigrette that will accompany your creation, but also the salad before serving. Salt flowers and sea salts are great for – yes, yes! – adding more “crunch” to your dish. You should also know there are now Quebec (Sel Saint Laurent) and Canadian salts (Newfoundland Salt Company).


A little “sour” taste
The acidity makes you salivate, in addition to balancing the taste of the dishes. In Quebec, we like to use the word “sour” to describe a slightly acidic flavour. It’s the name we’ve chosen to baptize our range of products that allow you to add a little homestyle sour side to your salads. It is thus possible to replace the lemon’s acidity with one of our 100% local cider vinegar or to opt for a balsamic which offers the perfect touch of acidity combined with a little sweet taste. Another easy way to make salads more sour is to add pickled vegetables. Here is our quick pickled onion recipe. And yes! more “crunch” in your salad!

We eat first of all with our eyes. The good news is, it’s pretty easy to wow them with salads because they bring together all kinds of disparate foods that together really make sense. Salads are a playground for creating beautiful, colourful plates. Have fun with different coloured lettuce or tomatoes. Create contrasts by choosing vegetables and even fruits in vibrant colours, then add a piece of cheese or a poached egg. To impress visitors, don’t forget to serve everything on a large serving platter. 


All you have to do is assemble your salad with your favourite ingredients! Need some inspiration? Our perfect salads are all here


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