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A new approach in the blending of condiments

Surette Condiments was created in 2017 with the ambition to make balsamic vinegar produced from Quebec apples and to encourage the use of North-American condiments.

We source only Quebec ingredients and we build direct links and friendly relations with local producers.

Our artisanal cider and balsamic vinegar are concocted by our Master Blender and his team from different blends of cider vinegar, young and old, and must. His expertise makes it possible to promote the raw materials and the know-how of local artisans.

Easy to integrate into your everyday salads and your more elaborate culinary creations, our products are natural and alternatives to traditional vinegars and balsamics that we are accustomed to using in cooking. They also allow you to play around and experiment with the flavours. Their distinctive taste gives that little extra that will balance and brighten up all your dishes.

From their creation in 2017, Surette Condiments quickly found their way into the hands of the most renowned chefs in Quebec, North America and Europe. Today, it’s your turn to cook with our range of exceptional products and to become blenders of flavours.

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