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Cyril Gonzales

After a childhood influenced by a cuisine with Mediterranean and Basque accents and a life as a young adult traveling all over Europe, Asia and Australia, Cyril arrived in Quebec in 2000.

In his luggage: experiences in service, among others in the best restaurants of Alain Ducasse in London and Monaco. While pursuing studies in business administration, Cyril officiated at the service in renowned restaurants in Montreal such as Les Caprices de Nicolas, Les Chèvres and DNA. There he met Quebec producers and fell in love with the culinary culture here.

This made him want to create with his friend, Alex Cruz, a specialized Quebec products company for gourmet restaurants in Montreal, Toronto and New York, Société Orignal. In 2016, they were both awarded “Supplier of the Year” by the influential French culinary festival & magazine, Omnivore.

From this experience came the desire to create something unique in Quebec and to promote local gastronomy internationally by creating Surette Condiments. Thanks to his unparalleled nose and taste, like an oenologist who creates wine blends, Cyril creates blends of vinegars and balsamics made from local apple must that have nothing to envy to the most famous condiments in the world.

When he is not developing a new product to add to the Surette range, he co-manages the agri-food consulting agency École-B which works with entrepreneurs for the development of food projects in Québec.

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