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Late harvest apple


This balsamic comes from a very slow cooking of late-harvest apple must in order to retain all their aromas of sweet freshness.

This gives it a taste of caramelized apple and tarte tatin without losing the freshness of the apple and its tangy side.

An exceptional balsamic perfect for finishing your dishes.


Balsamic comes from the word “balm”, which means must. The must is the reduction of the juice obtained by pressing or cooking plants or plant extracts. We make our balsamic with apple must reduced by evaporation.
Valeur nutritive
Nutrition Facts
pour 1 c. à table (15ml) Per 1 tablespoon (15ml)
Calories 27

*VQ = valeur quotidienne
*DV = Daily Value

Source négligeable d’autres
éléments nutritifs. / Not a significant
source of other nutrients.

Ingrédients : moût de pomme • acide malique
Ingredients : Apple Must • Malic Acid

Sans agents de conservation. Sans colorants. Sans sulfites.
No preservative. No coloring. No sulphites


  • Late harvest apple balsamic

Heirloom tomato salad

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